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Howell Machine is a full service machine shop that combines a "can-do" attitude with highly skilled craftsmen and sophisticated technologies.  Howell Machine specializes in custom building new ammunition manufacturing equipment, repairing and refurbishing existing equipment, fabricating custom machine components and providing process improvement expertise.  By utilizing the philosophies of high quality, advanced techniques and superior customer service, Howell Machine has built an industry-wide reputation for manufacturing reliable, functional and quality oriented machines and components.  Since 1989, Howell Machine has been the premier supplier of custom equipment and technical expertise to the ammunition industry.

Component Process Machines     Feed Systems      Swage Presses    

Ammo Loaders  

Parts Washers     Plating Tanks & Barrels

CNC Milling & Turning Center    

Manual Machining & Prototyping     

Guaranteed Performance Levels    

  Pin Style Feeders     Pillar Style Feeders     Bullet Feeders    

Nose First or Base First   Bulk Pre-Feed Systems     Custom Feed Systems

Howell Machine is pleased release a new feeder for .38 Special Hollow Base Wad Cutter Bullets!!!

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